Applause for Karen

What people say about Karen’s workshops…

  • This is the best, most comprehensive, most helpful workshop I have taken. I am inspired and encouraged. You are a poised presenter who has simplified what could be an overwhelming topic. Your demeanor encourages the audience.
  • I came to this conference just for this workshop and it was well worth it. I loved the details, the stories. You make me want to be a storyteller!
  • My head is wonderfully full! Great blend of lectures and activities!
  • aren was informative, well prepared and very enthusiastic. She made you want to run and find some kids to work with!
  • Wonderful upbeat and positive speaker! Karen modeled wonderful leadership skills.
  • Her humor and enthusiasm is infectious! I was so inspired. Great fun from start to finish!
  • This workshop was worth the price of the entire conference! Story By Story – Building A School Storytelling Club workshop attendee, Sharing the Fire Conference, 2004
  • Thoroughly enjoyable, the workshop exceeded my expectations. This was fun and even pushed me to tell a story! Janice Nitual-Dalton, Storytelling With Ease Workshop

What people say about Karen’s storytelling…


  • Your wonderful interaction with the children makes you a true gem in the realm of storytellers.  Bravo!
  • The program was beautifully presented.  Everyone was engaged. Your soft, low-key manner really allows the audience to hear and think about the stories. I hope you’ll come back!
  • The stories were wonderful; you took the audience on a world-wide adventure. Besides being a wonderful storyteller, you are so easy to work with in terms of coordinating events.



  • Your stories were enthusiastically delivered. Good rapport with the audience!
  • An excellent program! Karen is a wonderful storyteller!
  • The students enjoyed the performance from the jump at the end of the first story to the laughs at the end.  Very stimulating. Don’t change a thing!
  • The audience was rapt (sixth-graders, mind you!) Keep on doing what you’re doing!
  • The children want you to know that they tried to duplicate your performance with their families. Now that’s the ultimate compliment!


Storytelling Troupes

  • You have no idea the miracle you have performed. My daughter was so shy in first grade she barely spoke a word. I can’t believe she is up there on stage, telling a story!
    Father of third grade student, Freetown Elementary Storytelling Festival 2003
  • Thank you for teaching me! I have become a better speaker because of you. I want to do the storytelling again next year because I had so much fun. –– Jacob Best
  • Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to every kid! Jacob really enjoyed your program and I enjoyed seeing him grow. I am so proud of his accomplishments and amazed by his ability to take the stage (despite the nerves, of course). We hope to see you next year! ––Amie Best 



  • We had fun!
  • Can she come back?
  • Can we hear the stories again?
  • Ms. Karen sings beautiful songs!


Event Organizers

  • Your performance was wonderful, a perfect complement to our theme. We are going to be hard pressed to top it!
  • Karen gently transports her audiences deep into fairytales and traditional folklore. Her gentle delivery, combined with mesmerizing language, makes her stories hard to resist.
  • A storyteller with class and elegance, Karen makes her audiences believe the magic of stories.
  • Karen was wonderfully engaging. As she spun her tales, I saw the youngsters in the audience transfixed on the compelling nuances of her phrasing. She really made our event work and she did it with a very upbeat attitude, grace and a smile.
  • Thank you for being a huge part of our festivities. The fact that I couldn’t get in to see you due to the large crowd is a testament to your great skills as a storyteller!
  • The stories were inspiring and meaningful to all of us; you nourished our souls. The whole evening was incredible.