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Aaron Shephard's Author Online
Aaron's specialty is retelling folktales and traditional literature from around the world. A wonderful collection of folktales, original scripts and articles on how to find, prepare and tell your story!


Andrew Lang ~ The Literature Network
There isn't a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, but a prism of fairytale books to add to your riches.


Jack Tales, poetry, authors, study guides and lesson plans, bibliographies and an index categorized by genre. The entire site is focused on Appalachian Literature.


Audience Participation Stories
A great selection of tales that will put the children "in" the story.


The Baldwin Project
The Baldwin Project is a virtual page turner, a comprehensive collection of literature in the public domain. Read tales from as far back as 1880. The works of such luminaries as Padraic Colum, Howard Pyle, Andrew Lang, and James Baldwin will light your way.


Folklore and Mythology
By far this is my most favorite site and the most comprehensive that I have found to date. Tales are indexed alphabetically by subject matter. It also has a link to Germanic folklore, Aesops to Grimm to Lang.


Folk and Fairy Tales From Around the World
Compiled by the librarian and students of Sunrise Mountain High School, this incredible index of Folk and Fairy Tales lists stories by country of origin, story title and book title. If you are preparing a multicultural storytelling program this is the place to start!


Good Stories for Great Holidays
1914 book by Frances Jenkins Olcott includes folktales, myths, and historical stories.


Hotcâk Table of Contents
By far the most comprehensive site I have found on Native American folktales. An unbelievable Index of stories by subject matter, myths, maps, legends. A keeper!


Myths, Folktales and Fairytales
Explore folklore with Nina Jaffe, experience a storytelling workshop with Gerald Fierst or a myth writing workshop with Jane Yolen. If that isn't enough, there are teacher guides, assessments and rubrics, and of course stories!


Nasreddin Hodja
Filled with information and stories about the beloved character of Turkish tales, this website is also a portal to many other Hodja sites. Here is put a small slice of his wisdom… "Hodja! What do they do with the old full moons?"
"They cut them up into small pieces and make the stars!"


Spirit of Trees
Cristy West's growing website offers curricular resources, essays, organizational links, poetry and folktales from some of our leading storytellers and scholars. Rest in the cool shade of its branches and let the spirit of the trees nourish your soul.

Story Arts
Lesson plans and activities are just a click away. Need a quick story to share? Then take a look at the story library which offers a selection of Aesop's Fables and more. You can access articles, discover fresh curriculum ideas and sign up to receive a free online newsletter. In addition, there is a section which offers articles such as, "the Voice as an Instrument" and "Copyright and Fair Use of Published Materials." Whether you are a beginning storyteller or experienced teacher you are sure to find something to add to your repertoire.


Story Lovers
Storyteller Jackie Baldwin offers notepads, stationary and more with breathtaking fairytale and folklore illustrations from long ago but there is more. With the help of Storytell listserv members Jackie has compiled an extensive array of stories and books. Click on "Exclusively for Storytellers" and you will find your own private folklore library at your fingertips.


Storytell Listserv
Storytell is a free forum service offered by Texas Women's University for discussions about storytelling. It serves as a source of information on conferences, workshops and events as well as a place to ask (and answer) questions about the origins and variations of stories, the business of storytelling, or organization of storytelling events.


Storytelling Arts of Indiana
Teaching Guides, games, activities and resources from such quality tellers as Heather Forest, Doug Lipman, Rex Ellis, Doug Elliott, Janice Harrington and Ed Stivender. You can't go wrong taking advice from this group!


Storytelling In Schools

Do you need specific research to convince your administrators that storytelling is an effective, education tool in the classroom? Well look no further! After months of detailed research Jackie Baldwin and Kate Dudding have organized an amazing, downloadable booklet and brochure. It is filled with quantitative studies, innovative projects books, journals, articles and web sites are all at your fingertips, but the best part is that the project is not complete; it is an ongoing process that will be updated as new studies surface.


Tales of Wonder
The stories in this collection represent a small sampling of the rich storytelling art that is the common heritage of humanity. Stories from many parts of the world are included here, from Africa to Siberia.


Tell Me a Story
An incredible site with stories from around the world; new folktales continue to be compiled since 1997.


Tim Sheppard's Storytelling FAQ
An invaluable resource filled with articles, resources, story links and so much more;
truly a labor of love.


There are more trickster links here than you could possible hope to surf in one sitting; anything and everything related to the elusive trickster. I kid you not!


The Ultimate Storytelling Guide
This site is the brainchild of David Sidwell, adjunct professor at Utah University, Program Director at the American West Heritage Center and storyteller. He offers lesson plans, articles and more. This is a site to bookmark!


Zine 5 Folktale Archives
Hidden among the pages of this magazine publication is an incredible selection of unique folktales from six continents.