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Blizzard Internet Marketing, Inc.
While this site is devoted to the lodging industry such as Hotels, B &B's, Inns and Resorts there is some useful general information as well. Go to the Search Engine link for "how to" information on submitting your site to the various search engines and directories. While on the same page, click on the hyperlink "Research Tools of the Trade" for tips on keywords, website ranking and market visibility.

CDBaby.com is an innovative online company that sells CDs from indie musicians and artists. They have the best deal when it comes to marketing and selling your CDs online. They only take $4 of your CD sales (If your CD is $15, you get $11 – way more than any other online retailer). CDBaby also pays regularly - every Monday. Once you hit $20 or more in sales, they cut you a check the following Monday. In addition, for $30, you can get a credit card swiper from them so that you can sell CDs after a live performance. Provide a link to your CDBaby page from your website so that visitors from your site can purchase your CD from CDBaby.

The Center for the Book
From the Library of Congress, a listing of book fairs, storytelling festivals, and literary events around the country.

Collaborative Summer Library Program
"A consortium of states working together to provide high-quality summer reading program materials for children…." Includes the history of the organization, audio public service announcements, participating states, past and present themes, frequently asked questions, and more. Copyright 2005 http://lii.org/

Community Media Workshop
A guided press release creator tool with media strategies and techniques to help you produce a press release with pizzazz!


Dover Publications

Free, original web graphics from Dover Publications.

Free Clipart

The Field, a non-profit arts service organization in New York City, has recently launched a free website for performing artists. This website gives artists the tools they need to take their show on the road, promoting grassroots touring nationwide.
GoTour Includes:
• Hundreds of venues and resources nationwide
• Profiles written by artists who live and work in each locale
• Networking and self-promotion opportunities
• Marketing tools
GoTour is an interactive site where artists can input as well as download interactions.

How to Market Your Products on the World Wide Web
Now that you have your website up and running but how do you market your products? These articles will show you how.

How Web Pages Work
A quick, concise look at how to steer the most traffic to your site.
• Promoting Your Site
• Registering With Search Engines
• Registering With Link Sites
• Business Listing Services
• Registration Services both Free and Paid
• Reciprocal Lining
• Paid Advertising

Stop! Before you go any further bookmark this website because you will be visiting it again and again. It is impossible to absorb all of the information in one sitting.

On the first "Tour Page" the heading reads "A different kind of design site" and right they are. Consider this your virtual shopping mall for marketing, design and project ideas with specialty stores in design-oriented links and resources. This cyber store is packed with useable and useful information all at bargain prices! Ideabook.com will walk you though the ins and outs and dos and don'ts for such promotional materials as: • Business cards • Logos • Brochures • Letterheads • Newsletters. And it offers tips on: • Production • Design • Fonts • Pictures • Templates • Booklets • Clipart

In addition there is information and articles on "thinking behind the design" and insight into specific design projects.
Chuck Green is the force behind Ideabook.com, which grew from his book The Desktop Publisher's Idea Book. In his words this site has "succeeded his expectations" and we guarantee that it will succeed yours as well.


LIBWEB | Public Libraries.com | Public Libraries of Europe
Break out those mailing labels! It's not too early to start thinking about your summer storytelling programs. These three websites offer contact information on libraries in the USA and beyond.

Magic Coach
Tips, Tactics & Strategies on Marketing, Publicity & Promotion.

Mailing Know How
Postcards can be an effective marketing tool if done properly. Learn how to stamp out those mistakes with these useful articles.

Quick Tips for Creative People
Visit PromoteYourCreativity.com to get a no-cost subscription to Bob's newsletter, "Quick Tips for Creative People," featuring empowering ideas and self-promotion tips for artists, writers, performers and more.

Sherman's Executive Communicator will provide you with "quick bites" of information on presenting and negotiating. It will add to the expertise of the novice and expert communicator. For those who have attended a Sherman Communication class, it will reinforce what you've already learned and add a few new ideas in the process." The newsletter is free and they do not sell your information to any other entity.

State and Regional Arts Councils and Agencies
From Alabama to Wyoming, a comprehensive list of contact information for state and regional agencies.

Story Lovers
Storyteller Jackie Baldwin designs notepads, stationery, business cards and more with breathtaking fairytale and folklore illustrations from long ago.


Story Power

Everyone loves a good story and without a doubt, you will find what you need here! Chris King offers an amazing array of free articles for anyone who "wants to use the power of storytelling at home, at work, and in the community."


Storytell Listserv
Storytell is a free forum service offered by the National Storytelling Network for discussions about storytelling. It serves as a source of information on conferences, workshops and events as well as a place to ask (and answer) questions about the origins and variations of stories, the business of storytelling, or organization of storytelling events.

Trip Advisor
Before you and your stories hit the wide open road this summer check out your accommodations before you arrive. The site offers ratings and opinions of hotels, motels and attractions around the world from unbiased customers.