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Berkeley – University of Folklore
This program is designed to provide graduate students with a competent knowledge of both the materials of folklore and the various methods of studying these materials. The scope of the courses is international. However, students may specialize in a particular genre, e.g. folktales, or in a particular area such as Russian folklore.


Connecticut Storytelling Center
Founded in 1984 the Center is based at Connecticut College in New London, Connecticut. Its mission is "To promote the art of storytelling in all its forms and to serve storytellers and story listeners throughout the state of Connecticut." Since 1988 the CSC has conducted programs in schools and districts around the state. They offer residencies, assemblies and workshops.


Eastern Tennessee University
Information on obtaining a Masters in Storytelling Degree as well as course offerings, Storytelling World magazine, awards, Storytelling Youth Olympics, the annual ETSU Storytelling cruise and more!


South Mountain Community College Storytelling Institute
Located in Phoenix, Arizona the programs and events reflect their goals. They select featured storytelling artists who help them move towards their goals, as well as artists who reflect the ethnic make up of their local communities.


The Graduate Institute
Connecticut based college, which offers a Masters in Oral Tradition.


Utah State University
Storytelling program in Oral History. Professor Sidwell of USU states, "This course goes beyond being purely performative as it approaches the tacit ways in which stories make up much of our lives...Stories keep us healthy and remind us of who we are."


University of Wisconsin – Madison
A separate graduate degree in folklore is not offered at this time; however, graduate students admitted by another department may pursue either a minor in folklore or a "special committee doctoral program." The Folklore Program offers courses on comparative folklore, folklore theory, and methodology presenting a cross-cultural and interdisciplinary approach to the study of folk, vernacular, and popular culture.


A World-Wide List of Courses
In and/or About Storytelling Taught at Colleges and Universities