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Have fun surfing the stories of the world through cyber space, no passport required!

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African Tales
From Tales of Wonder, nine folktales.


Bura Folktales
Maraba! (Welcome!) Step into twenty-four folktales from Bura, Nigeria. Each folktale begins with lesson objectives and wisdom important to their culture.


Can Teach African Folktales
Eight unique folktales from the Dark Continent and the home page offers an array of elementary resources.


Kikuyu Fables and Legends
Enjoy twelve stories and some insight into the Kenyan culture.


Motherland Nigeria
Forty-nine stories grouped by theme.


Sacred Texts – Hausa FolkLore
Twenty one stories published in 1913


Sacred Texts – Folktales from Southern Nigeria
Forty folktales collected by Elphinstone Dayrell, published in 1910 with a forward by Andrew Lang.


Sacred Texts – Kaffi Folklore
Collected from the Amoxosa tribe from the eastern frontier of the Cape Colony. Published in 1886.


Sacred Texts – South African Folktales
Forty-five folktales collected by James Honey from the Bushmen of African. Published in 1910.


Wildlife Africa
Six stories retold from the Bushman, Khoi, Tswana and Kurdi.


The AFRO-American Almanac
"An on-line presentation of the African in America. A historical perspective of a nation, its people, and its cultural evolution." A terrific site for those interested in Afro-American culture. Not only is there an extensive list of folktales there is also biographical and historical information, as well as excerpts from literary works.


American Folklore – Brer Rabbit Stories
Nine tales from that fun trickster Brer Rabbit


From Indiana University, two African American folktales and two from Cameroon.


Armenian Fairy Tales
Three short stories from the Armenian culture.


Asian Pacific Digital Library – Traditions of O'ahu
Stories of the islands ancient history and ancestors. Also offers an extensive bibliography.


Legends of Maui
Fifteen legends and background information from the book published in 1910.



Australian Storytelling

Waltzing Matilda, Waltzing Matilda…yes, you even hear music at this fun site from our friends down under. Stories, articles, interviews, guild events, festivals and more. Sure, you can turn of the music if you want to but why? Settle back and smile!



British Isles
Breton, British Welsh, Cornish, English, Anglo Saxon, Norman, Irish, Manx and Scottish Tales.


Mysterious Britain
Banshees, Black Dogs and Bessie Dunlop are but a few of the folktales and legends from England, Wales and Scotland. Visit with faeries, selkies, dragons and giants but beware, don't stay tarry too long in one of the haunted castles.


Northumbrian Folktales
Folktales, songs, poem and rhymes from across the pond.



Buddhist Studies
Two volumes of stories plus a wealth of information based on the teachings and life of Buddha.



Popular Cambodian Folktales
Four folktales retold; the main site also offers information on the history, people and culture of Cambodia.



Canada's Digital Collections
Listen to stories collected from Aboriginal, (First Nation), Metis and Inuit storytellers of Canada.



Caribbean Folktales
Eight Anansi tales to warm you through the last remnants of winter.



The House of Bards
Another treasure trove of tales; medieval texts from Celtic countries or on Celtic themes.


Irish Folklore
Information about Fairies, Changelings, Will-O-The-Wisps, The Pooka, Merrows, Silkies, Banshees, Leprechauns and Cluricauns.


The Irish Storyteller
Did you ever wonder how Eire got its name? Come read this Celtic legend, meet Irish Chieftains, Queens and more!


Irish Studies Page
All things Irish; weddings, wakes, tales, music, song, Gaelic and more. Slainte!


Orkneyjar ~ The Heritage of the Orkney Islands
"Pronounced "orc-nee-yahr", the name is generally taken to mean Seal Islands…" This is a well crafted site. The information is astounding; tradition, folklore and more. Enjoy the beauty and history of the Orkney Islands.


St. Andrew's Day
St. Andrew is the Patron Saint of Scotland and his feast day is November 30; background information on St. Andrew can be found here.


The Language of Traveller Storytellers
A brief article on the origin of the Scottish traveling people.


Sacred Texts
Scottish Fairy and Folk Tales Ireland, Wales, England, Brittany and more.


Scottish Fairy and Folk Tales
"Art is not only a thing of bound volumes and of exhibitions; and the Scottish peasant has shown perhaps as keen a sense of it--of the story-teller's art…" Words shared by Sir George Douglas in the introduction to this lovely collection of Scottish fairy and folk tales. Printed in 1901 the work is now in the public domain.


Scottish Songs
A collection approximately 200 Scottish songs either written by Scots or about Scotland. This page also has a link to a large collection of Scottish poetry.


Scottish Fairy Tales
Stories from the West Highlands; fairytales, legends, traditions, faeries, giants, monsters and more!


Tales of Scotland
Eight Scottish stories.


Tales of the Daoine Sidhe ~ Folktales of Ireland
Pronounced deenie shee, and meaning the good people, this site lives up to its name with numerous stories about the lovely lads and lassies in legend and lore from Ireland. Pour yourself a good cup of Irish tea, sit back and revel in the magic of the Emerald Isle.


Tam Lin
The ancient story of Tam Lin is explored through a collection of various versions, related tales, ballads, articles and bibliography.



Ancient China
An abundance of links and information on China from 4 2 eXplore.


China Dim Sum Folktales
Six Chinese folk and fairytales that are from Richard Darsie's Tales of Wonder website but this site also offers activities, lessons plans and follow up as well.


The China Experience: China Culture Index
There are myths and legends listed as well as culture, arts and crafts, folk customs and much more.


Chinese Tea Stories
A site brewing with interesting folktales from China; a nice selection of lesser known Chinese tale: fairytales, myths, legends, adventure and some interesting background information. Sit back and enjoy the rich flavor of story!


Folktales from China

Eleven folktales edited by D.L. Ashliman.


Western Yugur Folktales
Animals, ogres and magic, oh my! A treasure trove of folktales at your fingertips.



Aesop's Fables Online
Thousands of Aesop's Fables in five languages from the likes of Joseph Jacobs and William Caton, among others. You won't have to cry wolf to find what you need!



Legends of Guam
Nineteen legends from this beautiful island; their main page also offers insight into this ancient culture. On one page I found this proverb from the Chamorra people, "I erensia, lina'la', espiritu-ta," which means "Our heritage gives life to our spirit." A storyteller could have written those words.



Maya Stories
A collection of 41 tales, fables, myths and legends of the Q'anjob'al-speaking people of the Cuchumat'n Mountains of Guatemala. There are animal stories, strange encounters with Lords of the Hill, tales of deceit and wonder, and origin legends as well as maps, culture, curriculum and more.



Fetzer Institute

Nine Jewish folktales high lightening generosity of spirit.


The Hasidic Stories Home Page
Storyteller Doug Lipman has put together a stunning array of Hasidic stories on his website.



A Flowering Tree and Other Oral Tales from India
The entire book by A. K. Ramanujan is online for generations to read, relish and enjoy.


Indian Fairytales by Joseph Jacobs
This complete work from 1912 is now available on line. It offers twenty-nine tales from Eastern India and gorgeous illustrations to complement each story.


The original text was written in Sanskrit about 200 B.C. Now you can read the tales in English and Japanese.


Pitara for Kids ~ India
Many fables from the Panchatantra and Aesop, Jataka stories and tales from India's tribal peoples.


Stories from Indian Mythology
This site is rich with information and stories on Indian Mythology, offering Jakata Tales, stories from the Panchatantra, Krishna, Shiva and more. Further links share information on Indian terminology, a picture gallery with exquisite portraits of the Gods and a mythology quiz to test your knowledge.


Tales of the Punjab: Told by the People
"Would you like to know how these stories are told? Come with me, and you shall see. There! take my hand and do not be afraid, for Prince Hassan's carpet is beneath your feet. So now!–'Hey presto! Abracadabra!' Here we are in a Punjabi village." And so it begins...a wonderful collection of Eastern Indian tales with notes to the stories.



Japanese Fairy Tales
Twenty-one stories to fill your days with delight.


Japanese culture
A wonderful site that leads to many other links.


Japanese Myths
Short retellings of Japanese myths.



Kashmiri Folktales
Step into the magical world of Kashmir. There thirty-one folktales and information on culture, religion, customs and music which offers insight into the life and ways of the Kashmir people.



Korean Fairytales
Four fairy tales from the Korean culture.



Borneo Legends and Myths
Would you like to know the Origin of Rice or meet The Girl Who Longed to see the Moon? Then stop off in Borneo and read these and other legends and myths of this magical land.



Magic Tales of Mexico
The collection brings together for the first time a Representative, though not inclusive, sampling of one type of popular cuento - the tale of magic - which still flourishes on both sides of the Border.



Arabian Nights
Let Scheherazade lead you through the ancient and mysterious world of Ali Baba and Sinbad; fall under the spell of a 1001 nights.

Mandean Oral Tradition and Folklore
"The Mandaeans are a religious sect of great antiquity that still exists in limited numbers in the border territories of southern Iraq and Iran." Enjoy twenty-eight folktales from their culture.
Palestinian Folktales
Songs, proverbs and stories from the Palestinian culture.
Speak Bird, Speak Again: Palestinian Arab Folktales
Online book filled with wonderful folktales on a variety of topics.



Mongolian Folktales

Aside from these long and famous works, the Mongols also have a very large collection of not so well known myths, magical stories, and legends. All of these selections have been translated from Mongolian or Chinese. These are stories, which contain the culture and wisdom of a very proud people with a very old culture.



Canku Ota (Many Paths)
A collection of native stories from many tribes. There are also discussion questions and information at the end of some of the tales, which makes this a wonderful site for educators as well.


Circle of Stories
PBS documentary using stories, film, photography, artwork and music to honor the Native American culture.


The Encyclopedia of Hotcâk (Winnebago) Mythology
The most comprehensive site I have found on Native American folktales. "The encyclopædic account of Hotcâk mythology, legend, and folklore is the outgrowth of a project begun many years ago under the auspices of Prof. John Ingham of the University of Minnesota Anthropology Department." The site is currently maintained and updated regularly by Mr. Richard Dieterle. There is an extensive index of stories by subject matter, myths, maps, and legends.


Indigenous Peoples' Literature
A site well worth visiting over and over. Stories, tribal information, quotes, prayers, greetings, a complete list of tribes plus Aboriginal and Mexican tribal stories as well.


Myths and Legends for American Indian Youth
An extensive list of Native American tales from various tribes that "represent large themes of human existence: where we came from, how we should live, reconciliation to the tragedies of life. There are smaller stories: teaching, humorous, answering "Why?" questions about natural phenomena and behavior."


Myths and Legends of the Sioux
From the University of Virginia's Electronic Text database, these stories were originally published in 1916.


Native American Trickster Tales
While the title suggests that the site is devoted to the Native American trickster, there are in fact,
stories, links, articles and scholarly discussions from around the world.


Starlore of Native America
Short synopsis of Native American stories that deal with animals and star lore. Tribal, regional and star information. A good starting point for background information.


Zica' Hot'a Tales and Legends
Enjoy the many pour quoi and coyote tales as well as legends from various nations. Compiled by Ojilaka ZicaHot', from the Mohawk tribe.



Isle Of Man: Manx Fairy Tales
Great link with folktales and information on the Isle of Man, including music files, poetry, history, etc. Also contains more links to other Celtic and Manx websites.


Norwegian Folk Tales
Twenty-four folktales to warm our hearts through the winter.


Twenty-Five Norwegian Fairy Tales
… and links to other tales as well. A classic collection.



Philippine Folklore
Share the charm of the Philippine people. Origin myths, fairytales, gods and goddesses, are all here with just a click of the keys.


Philippine Folktales
Folktales as well as information on the culture and history of the Philippine's.


SurLaLune ~ Philippine Folk Tales
A larbe collection of stories published by Mabel Cook Cole in 1916.



Legends of Samoa
Love to research new cultures? Come read about the traditions, art, proverbs and interesting legends of the beautiful Samoan people.



Forty Five Russian & Ukrainian folk tales.
This page is dedicated entirely to the folk tales of Russia and the Ukraine, which are a part of the culture, traditions, customs and history of the people. Also links to a Nesting Doll collector's site and Russian crafts.


Romanian Fairy Tales

Three fairy tales as well as gem, flower and color lore.


Russian Expedition
Since 1995 volunteers have traveled to 12 countries in and recorded 1415 songs, over 4000 mythological stories and videotaped 36 folklore rituals. While all of the work is not online, there is enough specific, cultural information to complement a Russian folklore program.


Russian Fairy Tales
Enjoy the adventures of the mighty knight Ruslan, the beautiful "dead" princess, Ivan Tsarevich, Prince Gvidon and many others in this collection of Russian fairy tales.


Russian Folklore
A list of links to various sites on the WWW, which deal with Russian folklore.

Russian, Folk Tales, Fairy Tales
This section is a series of Russian Fairy Tales, which have been translated.


Russian Folktales and Folk Beliefs
Everything you thought you knew about Russian tales...but did you really?


Russian Sunbirds
While this site is home to Russian lacquer art it also offers a stunning array of Russian folktales, fairytales, songs, literature and poetry.


Russian Tales
Many delightful tales from Russia and the Ukraine and details on Russian traditions from Christmas to weddings.



Slovak National Fairy Tales - A Tribute to Pavol Dobšinský (Dobsinsky)
Interesting background information on the writer who created the largest collection of Slovak folktales. It also offers insight into the Slovak heritage and presents fourteen folktales.



Tibetan Folktales
Twenty tales from the ancient country of Tibet; search for Missing Treasure, beware the Island of Beautiful Women and meet Tibet's first king. The main page also has information on the history, art, music and religion of Tibet.



Hodja Stories
Delight in the stories from Once the Hodja and Nadreddin Hodja as you peruse the cyber pages offered by scholar Jeremy Schiff.


Nasreddin Hodja
Filled with information and stories about the beloved character of Turkish tales, this website is also a portal to many other Hodja sites. Here is put a small slice of his wisdom… "Hodja! What do they do with the old full moons?" "They cut them up into small pieces and make the stars!"



American Folklore
Take an armchair journey with folktales, myths, legends, Tall Tales and ghost stories from the 50 United States. Tales are clearly indexed so you won't even need to ask for directions.


American Journeys
Eyewitness accounts of North American exploration, from the Vikings in AD1000 to the mountain men in the Rockies 800 years later.


Bawdy Ballads and Far Fetched Folklore
How can you resist a site with a title like this one? This oral history of the rural south is sure to please.


Legends of America
Straddle your saddle and get ready for a rollicking ride across the wide open spaces of the American West. Here are just a few of the topics covered:
• Heritage of the American West
• Legends, Myths and Folktales of the American West
• Native American Legends
• Outlaw Legends
• Women of the American West
• Treasure Tales
"This is a site for the nostalgic and historic minded" with everything you need to know about the people who lived in the towns and on the plains in a time gone by.


The Mountain Times
I love finding storytelling treasures in the most unlikely places, like this weekly publication from North Carolina. This section contains jewels of mountain lore; the people, historical stories, folktales, myths and memorable mountain people. Pull up that old rocking chair, sit a spell and enjoy the stories of the mountains.



Drinking Poison
A Vietnamese folktale.


The Watermelon
A Vietnamese folktale retold.



101 Zen Stories

The title speaks for itself.


Zen Stories To Tell Your Neighbor
Over fifty stories in the Zen tradition. This web site is a collection of stories from the Orient, mostly Zen and Taoist tales. Without a doubt, these stories capture all sorts of truths about life and death. But they are also witty, entertaining, humorous, and at times puzzling, even mind-bending. "Think of these tales as conversation pieces, as handy tools that you can lift out of your pocket to help you and others talk, think, and laugh about the wondrous and mysterious details of this thing we call life."