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Father's Day (Yahoo!)
Directory of Web sites about Father's Day. Includes links to sites containing stories, music, animations, puzzles, cards, poems, gift and craft ideas, recipes, history, quotes, and history.
Copyright 2003 by Librarians' Index to the Internet, lii.org.


Good Stories for Great Holidays
A collection of 120 stories for seventeen holidays by Frances Jenkins Olcott.


Holiday Traditions
From Armenia to Wales, Chinese New Year to Ramadan, it's all here. Add some tidbits and spice up your holiday storytelling programs. The site offers information on Christmas greetings, decorations, and related traditions along with information about holidays that celebrate light or enlightenment, such as Chinese New Year, Diwali, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Ramadan.


Kids Domain: Father's Day Fun
Children's activities and resources for the celebration of Father's Day, including games, clip art, stories, history of the holiday, printable activities (such as mazes, crossword puzzles, and coloring pages), and craft projects (for example, business card holders and picture frames).
Copyright 2003 by Librarians' Index to the Internet, lii.org.


Are you working with the wee ones? Here are some creative, downloadable coloring pages to complement the stories of Grimm and Andersen. There are also interactive pages for Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Tall Tales; enough activities to keep you coloring outside the lines until the New Year!


Useful Expressions and Greetings in 26 Languages
Add some cultural expressions to your stories using common expressions in over two dozen world languages.



The History Channel
Video clips, great speeches, resources and more


History, timelines, contemporary issues, etc., a valuable link for anyone researching Black History.


Kids Domain
A number of web links on various websites offering you information on history, culture, activities and Black Studies resources.



The Children's Book of Christmas Stories
Classic tales dating back to 1926.


Christmas Potpourri
An amazing array of holiday stories hearkening all the way back to 1819.


How is Christmas Celebrated Around the World?
Add some interesting facts to your holiday folktales. Visit eight countries and learn about their celebrations, food, music and customs.


How To Say "Merry Christmas!"
Planning on hosting a holiday party? From Afrikaner to Welsh, you will be able to greet your guests in their native tongue.


Mything Links – Yuletide Around the World
An annotated & illustrated collection with links to Mythologies, Fairy Tales & Folklore, Sacred Arts & Sacred Traditions around the globe.


The Storytelling Resource Center
Twelve Christmas stories to warm you through the season.


Spice up your holiday stories with two easy to do origami folds: A star and a Christmas tree.


The Children's Book of Christmas Stories
Classic tales dating back to 1926.



American Folklore ~ Halloween Stories
Regional ghost stories from around the United States; just in time to make your frightful night "ghoul"icious!


American Folk
Dark powers, devils, monsters and witches, their all here just waiting for you!


American Folklore – Spooky Stories
What's your pleasure? Scary, spooky or funny? Leave the lights on!


Castle of Spirits
From the Australian Ghost Hunters Society, thousands of archived stories. Leave the lights on!


Ghosts of the Prairie
Things that go bump in the night from the heartland of the USA.


Halloween Ghost Stories
What would Halloween be without good ghost stories? Come and visit if you dare!


Halloween Tales
Gone but not forgotten, our beloved Chuck Larkin offers us seven stories for the season.


Japanese Legends About Supernatural Sweethearts
Seven supernatural stories from the land of the rising sun.


The MacScouter – Ghost Stories
Four stories to fright and delight your young campers.


The Moonlit Road
Ghost Stories and Folktales of the American South Ghost stories haunt the moonlit back roads of the American South. Their roots in Southern culture and folklore are deep. Go to their storehouse if you dare and delve into the cultural background of the tales. Listen to the audio's offerings before they disappear into the night.


NC Legends and Ghost Stories
Seven urban legends from North Carolina.


Scottish Fairytales
Don't be fooled, along with the mermen tales are stories of apparitions, wrath, witchcraft and second sight.


The Shadowlands
Over 9,000 true ghost stories. BOO!


Vampire and Ghost Stories from Russia
Six stories to make your blood run cold.


Victorian Ghost Stories
Twenty-two ghost stories from such spectral luminaries as Bram Stoker, Arthur Conan Doyle and Charles Dickens.



Annotated Bibliography of Jewish Story Collections
An extensive PDF file of resources compiled by Penninah Schram.


Fetzer Institute
Nine Jewish folktales high lightening generosity of spirit.


Hasidic Stories
From the website of storyteller Doug Lipman, a fantastic selection of stories.


Sources for Jewish Folktales and Stories
A PDF bibliography of books and videos for adults and children.



Storyteller Eshu Bumpus generously shares a selection of folktales, highlighting the seven principles of Kwanzaa.



Chinese Cultural Center of San Francisco
Traditional and American celebrations are shared as well as information on the New Year symbolism and the Chinese Zodiac.


From Armenia to Wales, songs, traditions and recipes associated with the New Year.


Holidays and Celebrations Around the World
This is a wonderful site that offers information on many cultural celebrations. From Angola to Zaire, the brief overviews are written by people who live in the respective countries, offering a personal glimpse behind the meaning of those special celebrations. This would be a great place to begin planning some new storytelling, classroom or library programs around cultural celebrations.


Shogatsu or oshogatsu is the most important holiday in Japan, where each New Year is a fresh start. What a concept!



Esther Howland – Mother of the American Valentine
"The story of one visionary, whose talent, imagination, dedication, and perseverance created a fascinating industry…."


From Greek Mythology
… seven beautiful, yet tragic love stories.


The History of Valentine's Day
From the History Channel, enough inside information on romance to make you swoon.


What Valentine's Day would be complete without some love stories to share? From the cities of love and lights; offerings from the SurLaLune website by Giambattista Basile and Charles Perrault.

SurLaLune - Pentamerone
Published by Giambattistat Basile in 1634-1635, the Pentamerone is essentially the first full collection of European literary fairy tales.


SurLaLune- Perrault
Ten stories by Charles Perrault.