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Jaws, Claws & Paws

These stories don’t bite! Travel on an imagination safari with animal tales from around the world. (K-8)


Pathways to Peace

Celebrate diversity with multicultural stories from around the world; discover the gentle lessons within. The tales will touch your spirit and help you embrace the dynamic differences that make everyone unique.


The Midnight Hour

Tales of the supernatural for mature audiences. (10 & up)


Spooktacular Stories

Stories of silly spooks; a balance of fright and delight. (K-4)


The Treasure Chest

A timeless treasury of fairytales and folktales from long ago. (K-8)


The Trickster Tour

Quick-witted tricksters from Africa to the United States try to con you with their crazy, crafty tales. (K-8)


Karen told a terrific Massachusetts story at massmouth's first Folk Tale Slam, February 17, 2010, at Toscanini's in Central Square.


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Book A Trip Around the World

Buckle up, and travel to six continents on the wings of stories without ever leaving home. (K-8)


Winter Wonderland

Let the fire of imagination warm you as you listen to these frosty folktales from long ago. (K-8)


Tales With Scales

Swim the seven seas with stories that will hook you for sure!


Dragon Tales  

Visit the ancient countryside where knights and dragons roam and chivalry lives! (2-6)





Untangling the Web: Finding, Researching and Sharing Your Stories

Audience: Storytellers and Storylovers

Discover and excavate the rich and endless treasure trove of tales on the Internet. Laugh along with Anansi of Africa, walk with the Native Americans or mine the morals of Aesop. The cultures, folktales, myths and fables of countless generations are at our fingertips. Learn the fastest and most efficient methods to research stories, construct a story of your own, and come away with new stories to share.


Storytelling With Ease

Audience: Educators, Librarians, Students and Adults interested in exploring and learning the art of Oral Tradition

A fun and interactive workshop for those who wish to open the door to a world full of stories. Learn how to use voice, body language, and gesture to enhance your presentation. Discover ways to put participation into your stories and come away with a new tale to share. No storytelling experience is necessary.


Story By Story ~ Building a School Storytelling Club

Audience: Educators, Storytellers, Librarians and Teaching Artists

Karen shares her resources on organizing a successful Storytelling Club residency from beginning to end: gaining administrative support, managing group dynamics, interactive activities to foster group cooperation, teaching students how to tell, assisting in story selection, practice and coaching methods, generating publicity and producing the finale, a Storytelling Festival!




Story by Story - Building A Student Storytelling Troupe

An experienced educator, Karen combines her teaching skills with her vast knowledge of storytelling to create a School Storytelling Club. During school hours or after school, Karen will work with your students on the dynamics of storytelling. From the page to the stage, students will learn the anatomy of a story, research skills, story selection, and story presentation. The residency culminates in a student Story Festival. In addition, Karen can tailor the residency to include individual student coaching.