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4 2 eXplore ~ Topic: Oral History

A number of terrific links to help you collect fascinating oral histories.


A Listening Doll Grades K – 4

Students discuss the process of storytelling and listening to stories. Then, they create a listening doll in the tradition of the Native American storyteller dolls.


Academic Benchmarks

Choose the state and all of the standards are there to tie your work with the state curriculum and lesson plans.


Activities for Teaching Appalachian Folktales

Games, exercises, art and writing activities, study guides and lesson plans.


American Tall Tales Unit – Lesson Plan

A good introduction to folktales or tall tales is to give students experience in creating their own tall tales.


Artsedge Lesson Plans on Russia

Students are introduced to the genre of folktales and engage in a study of several Russian folktales.


Ask Eric

Contains more than 2000 unique lesson plans which were written and submitted by teachers from all over the world.


AtoZ Teacher Stuff

Folktale Unit – Pecos Bill Grades 1 - 5


Bits and Pieces Social Studies/Language Arts Activity

Students will use a collection of objects as the basis for writing a tale about the people who used them.


Children’s Theater/Creative Drama

Lots of wonderful resources here: lesson plans, activities, plays, book resources and more.


Construction Ahead! Math/Art Activity

Using math and fairy tale, The Three Little pigs, help htem build a stronger, more efficient hours of logs or straw.


Countdown to Millennium ~ An Oral History Project

A study Guide is designed for middle school and high school classes in Social Studies, History and English.


Education World – Lesson Plan Article Folktales of Cooperation for K-3

Promote the spirit of cooperation in a fun an effective way, with folktales!


Eduplace ~ A Tail to Tell

Students will write a sequel to the original The Three Little Pigs story or a fractured version of it.


Enoch Pratt Libraries

Let your students watch and listen some of our best loved storytellers from around the world.


Family Folklore: How to Collect Your Own Family Folklore 

This guide was produced to accompany the exhibition, The Grand Generation: Memory, Mastery', Legacy, organized by the Smithsonian Institution Office of Folklife Programs.

Folk Art and Lore Virtual Museum

“This Virtual Museum teacher's guide for grade 9-12 was developed as part of the Schools of California Online Resources for Educators (SCORE) Project, funded by the California Technology Assistance Program (CTAP).”


Fractured Fairy Tales - Interactive Site: Write Your Own Fractured Fairy Tale

Students can write their own fractured fairy tale using this interactive tool.


Fractured Fairytales ~ Language Arts Activity Grades 3-5 and 6 -8

Students’ study and diagram elements of fairy tales, read a fractured fairy tale, and then write their own fractured tales.


Fractured Fairytales – Language Arts Activity Grades 6-8

Students will use familiar characters, plots, and settings from traditional fairy tales to create "fractured" versions, while experimenting with satire, irony and parody.

Lesson Plans Page ~The Other Tall Tales

This lesson plan will assist the student in developing the reading skills necessary for word recognition, comprehension, interpretation, analysis, evaluation, and appreciation of the written text.


Myths, Folktales and Fairytales

With the help of master storytellers and authors Rafe Martin and Alma Flor Adas, these lesson plan will assist the student in developing the reading skills necessary for word recognition, comprehension, interpretation, analysis, evaluation, and appreciation of the written text.



Lots of lessons plans using the art of quilting for many grade levels.


Read/Write/Think - Fractured Fairytales
“Invite your students to turn familiar fairy tales upside down and inside out – and to have fun.”


Read Write Think –Making Connections to Myth and Folktales

In this assignment, students write a three-voice narrative based on Momaday’s structure. This model for remembering and personal involvement in folktales, mythologies, and tales of personal heritage can be part of any study of mythology or folktales.


Reading is Fundamental

Booklists, tips, and more! RIF's 2008 Back-to-School Guide has plenty of ways to get you and your students back into the school groove.


Snow White

This is a lesson plan that helps teachers and parents thoroughly explore the story of 'Snow White.' The exciting drama of the Sound Story, followed by thoughtful questions makes for an excellent lesson in story structure, character, and comprehension.

Storyland Mural Art/Literature Activity

Children will express their creativity and knowledge of story characters by creating a mural of their favorite story characters.


Storytelling Arts of Indiana

Teaching Guides, games, activities and resources from such quality tellers as Heather Forest, Doug Lipman, Rex Ellis, Doug Elliott, Janice Harrington and Ed Stivender.


A Storytelling Festival Language Arts Activity

This activity encourages students to explore the native cultures of the Americas, to learn some aspects of oral storytelling, and to share their knowledge with others.


Tall Tales Today

For Grades 5-8: Students are introduced to the genre of American tall tales then prompted to write an original tall tale set in contemporary America.



TeacherVision® is dedicated to helping teachers save time. Find 17,500 pages of classroom-ready lesson plans, printables, and resources.


Teaching with Pourquoi Tales

Activities that explore other cultures and integrate language arts and science


Teaching Values

One of the most extensive sources on the web for parents, teachers, homeschoolers and anyone involved with character education for children.


The Ultimate Storytelling Guide

This site is the brainchild of David Sidwell, adjunct professor at Utah University, Program Director at the American West Heritage Center and storyteller. He offers lesson plans, articles and more. This is a site to bookmark!


Using Folktales to Increase Comprehension Grades 6-8

Students will develop reading skills necessary for word recognition, comprehension, interpretation, analysis, evaluation, and appreciation of the written text. This track is designed to expose students to different types of literature while stressing comprehension skills that are vital to good reading.